"Wasn’t How I Planned It" - Calum Fluff

(So i got a few Calum requests to post but I’m not complaining, I’m sorry again or taking so long just been super busy but your requests will get written, anyways enjoy xx)

The phone rang out, again. The you had tired every number, how could none of them answer, they had them glued to their hands half the time.

"Hey Y/N, whats up?" Ashton rushed sounding fed up as he finally answered.

"Oh did i disturb you?"

"No its fine."

"Seriously is something wrong?"

"No. Babe whats up?" He sighed.

"Um well i kinda want to come and see Calum and surprise him, what do you think?"

"What, no…i mean i don’t think thats a good idea. He, he wouldn’t be around much cause we are really busy. You’d get bored." It was the first time his voice pitched as he stumbled anxiously.

"But…i booked my ticket, i thought he would want to see me." A few tears peaked in your eyes as you started to feel the problem with Ashton was you.

"Well…okay i suppose theres nothing you can do now." Hanging up abruptly the few tears rolled down your cheeks, now needing to see Calum ever more.

Your flight landed on time but you grabbed a taxi feeling uneasy about asking the boys for a ride. The bright lights distracted your neves but the journey ended way to soon your stomach filling up with anxiety. Making your way to his hotel room was a blur, the constant questions of why Ashton had been such an ass on the phone and why he didn’t want you to come. Maybe you should have turned round and went back home but your fist had knocked at the door before tour feet had the chance.

"Guys i said id be two seconds!…" You heard that familiar kiwi accent shout from behind the wooden frame before his face appeared. His stressed expressing dropping into a straight and worried one.

"…Y/N…what are you doing here…?" He stood, taking a sigh and the disappointment was spread all over his face.

"I, i just. Wanted to see you, i guess." The feeling Ashton had given you before came on strong again and your heart beat with caution and confusion. Why didn’t he want to see you? Had you done something wrong? Unless… He was going to end it. And suddenly it all made sense.

"Im sorry I’m just gonna go." Rushing back the elevator he followed behind calling your name, his hand gripping yours as you both stepped inside. The doors closing on you both.

"Y/N I’m sorry."

"No I’m sorry Ashton was right this was a bad idea."

"What? No! I just you don’t understand."

"I get it, i mean what was i to expect your on the road and living the dream and I’m just dragging you down.." You were cut off by his lips on yours, that burst of love he gave you, the butterflies fluttering around, almost enough to make the small moving room spin. Pulling away he rested his forehead against yours.

"Don’t ever say those things again, your an idiot but your my idiot."

"I missed you so much Calum, but please what have i done?"

"Stole my heart." He let smiled warmly pushing his hand into his back pocket before bringing a small blue box into sight, standing back he smirked and dropped to one knee.

"Oh my god!" You whispered dropping your bag to the ground with a bang. Your knees going weak as you bit back tears.

"You ruined my surprise, this was not how i wanted to do it. But i love you Y/N Y/LN and so it doesn’t matter how i do this it just matters its with you. Will you marry me?" Falling down to the ground beside him he caught you in an embrace as you kissed his lips sweetly.

"Of course i will!"

The ding of the elevator wasn’t going to stop you both as you kissed deeply, people shuffling around you, leaning back he pressed the button of his floor again continuing the kiss. The both if you tangled on the floor, ignoring the obvious glares from whomever had gotten in.

A clearing of throats caused you both to look up irritated but blushing red as three boys stood smiling at you both.

"So you decided to come then Y/N?" Ashton chuckled and you nodded snuggling into Calum who stood you both up.

"Hey Ash, don’t be a dick to my fiancé."

five-seconds-of-hey-or-hi asked:

I was wondering if you could do a fluffy bestfriends but actually likes eachother type if thing with Michael? If you were to do it it's be awesome, it would make my day, but if you cant thats totally fine. I understand you're a busy person. Keep up the good work! Love ya xx

Aww thats like such a lovely way to ask, im never too busy for a cute request i’ll get it done Asap! xxx

Anonymous asked:

could you do a oneshot/preference/whatever you want where you're stressing about school work and stuff and you're working too hard so he stops you for a cuddle just something really fluffy and nice because rn that would be great (as im stressing super hard over school work and kinda want to cry)

Yeah i sure can, don’t stress babe!! xxx

Midnight Escapades - Ashton Smut

The cool air of our bedroom woke me at the early hour, the sun not yet up as the pitch blackness was all i could see. Slight snores of my the boy beside me stalling as he twisted in his sleep, letting a moan fall from his lips.

"Mmm baby you awake?" He whispered huskily. The sound that had me weak at the knees.

"Yeah." I whispered back as he moaned again shuffling close to me. His body laying on top of mine, our legs tangling as he kissed my neck slowly. Catching onto my sweet spot effortlessly as i closed my eyes sighing in content.

"Good." Whispering into my ear i became aware of his actions, and aware of the bulge he had going on. Grinding into me slowly i felt myself becoming more aroused.

"Ashh.." Only he would make me a moaning mess with just his lips and the feeling of his body, but it felt so good adding warmth to my skin which was cold from the frosty morning air.

"Turn over for me baby.." He cooed and i did, not before pulling off his shirt i claimed for bed, the shadowed outline of my body making him groan. A light slap was place against my ass and i gasped with shock and pleasure.

"No underwear? What a cheeky girl you are." His fingers traced down my back making me shiver before his hands pulled me up onto all fours. Almost begging for him to spank me again but the need for him was too much to take anymore teasing. Sliding a few fingers over my heat i moaned out.

"Mmm so wet…"

"Please Ash.." Shuffling behind me i felt him push into my entrance, my body so sensitive to his touch in the middle of the night. I couldn’t resist pushing back against him as we moved together, slow but heatedly. The feeling so full making my eyes roll as we moved.

"God babe.." His lips pressed down my back, his hands reaching around me to grab my breasts in his hands. Massaging them in his palms as i moaned out more. Both of us almost there already as out sleepy bodies rocked together desperate for relief and release.

"Fuck, Ash, oh god!"

"Let go baby, whenever your ready oh fuck."


"Y/N!" Climaxing together i grabbed onto the pillows, collapsing our clammy bodies in a tangled mess on the bed. I could feel his hot breath on my back along with the fast beating of his heart.

"Baby your amazing."

"Mmmm I love you Ash." My eyes were becoming heavy as he spooned my body from behind, wrapping around me like my own personal blanket.

"I love you too Y/N, sleep now baby." And with that my eyes closed, with the faint memory of his fingers brushing my to the side so his head could nestle in the crook of my neck.